Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Runway at Heri Hospital

One of the things I cherish about this trip, along with seeing my Grandfather’s grave, was being able to visit the hospital where Grandma spent so many years of her life.

I was able to visit her house, and walk the path she would have walked on the way to the hospital.

It was very moving to see the runway. It was used, I've been told, at first by Erwin Farnsworth, then by Edward Perry. After Ed left, the plane was sold, so the runway hasn't been used much, if any at all, since then.

In this picture I am shaking hands with Dr. Rocero who currently runs the mission hospital. He says the hospital is well-known throughout Tanzania for it's specialty in surgery. I also met Dr. Oster, who is from Denmark.

Dr. Rocero and his wife are good friends of Grandma’s and they both told me many stories about her.

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