Saturday, February 24, 2007

We Have Arrived!

Praise God! Your prayers, our prayers, and those from all around the world have been answered. We have arrived safely in Kenya, East Africa.

We were on a high from all help we received from our Kenyan Adventist family in getting all 27 bags weighing 70 lbs each off the baggage claim, through customs, and into a bus. Until you've managed that many bags you don't realize just how much of a project it really is . . . we really had to do very little.

Getting through the border into Tanzania was a bit more difficult. After 24 hours we now have all our things. We were hot, tired, hungry, and shedding tears of joy upon reuniting with our team members. The first thing we did after a lot of hugging, was to offer up prayers of thanksgiving. And, now as we write this note to you, we're on to the next the next phase of our project . . . training laypeople to use technology to win souls.

Thanks for your love and prayers . . . Continue to remember us!

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