Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For Tanzania

Years ago Dr. James A. Twing and his wife, Ethel, left their comfortable home in the United States "For Tanzania" East Africa. There a few short years, the doctor gave his life to save an African man. The new widow returned to the United States to obtain her nursing degree, with the idea she would return to Africa where she lost her dear husband. Return she did! At over 50 years of age, Ethel spent the next 30 years of her life not only in service at Heri Mission Hospital in nursing, but also in building churches and educating African young people.

It is because of the service of my in-laws that I inquired about the possibility of serving on a mission trip there. We've been invited to come to Africa to train laypeople in Tanzania in the use of DVD players to give the New Beginnings Bible lessons. A joint project with Adventist-Laymen's Services & Industries (ASI), there are six of us on this team.

  1. Viorel Catarama, vice president for evangelism, is in charge of this part of the project.
  2. Rachel Terwillegar, that's me, development director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Illinois, Viorel's assistant.
  3. Randal Terwillegar, my husband, a high voltage test technician for MCL in Bolingbrook, my very able assistant.
  4. Carol Frembling, charge nurse in the emergency department of Huguley Hospital in Dallas, TX, keeping us all well.
  5. Curtis Frembling, Carol's husband, a retired physical therapist, who along with Randy will do the hefty stuff. Curt may also do some welcome physical therapy should our adventures include exercise of which we are unacustomed!
  6. Tammy Twing Pannekoek, granddaughter of Dr. & Mrs. James Twing, joins us from Sydney, Australia. Tammy will sing for our meetings.
Viorel will leave us after the training sessons have been conducted to return to the United States. His day job requires some of his time so he will return to his work building homes in Hinsdale, Illinois. Viorel also has alot of work yet to do in setting up other training sessions around the world.

The rest of us will travel on to Twing Memorial School. We plan to have a ton of fun there with the children at the school. We will be bringing supplies for the school and personal items for the kids. After our visit to the school we plan to spend some time in several of the game parks, shooting the animals with digital cameras (still and video)!

All along the way Tammy will be interviewing the more than 100 people who have been educated by Ethel Twing. Tammy will be collecting all this data to begin her first book about a little woman who has done so much.

Hang in there with us as we recount the experiences of this adventure "For Tanzania."

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Tammy Pannekoek said...

This is her Granddaughter Tammy. I live in Australia with my husband and 2 little boys. I am joining my family in Tanzania to visit the places my Grandmother lived and worked, and to meet some of the people she helped. Stay tuned as we document our journey on this blog.