Thursday, February 15, 2007

T-Shirts for Kids

Look at all the kids in this brand-new school. There are more than 200 students in four classrooms. We wanted to do something special for each student. I had seen in a local craft store t-shirts for $2.00 each. Wouldn't these kids look terrific in a t-shirt with the name of their school?

Screen printing 200 t-shirts is a lot of work, so while visiting my son, James A, Twing, II, in Houston, Texas at Christmas, I searched online for printed t-shirts. Unfortunately everything I found started at close to $6.00. Well, I thought, perhaps if I could get them from someone in Chicago, they would be a bit cheaper. So I Googled "Chicago screen printers" and called a few companies. I told them about the school and my desire to take T-Shirts for the children. The price was the same at the first number I called. At the second number it sounded like I interrupted a luncheon appointment, but I continued with my story. "Oh, I have some t-shirts in my warehouse," came the reply. "I'll give them to you for the cost of printing them."

What a deal! I sent her some photos and over the next few weeks we kept in touch via e-mail. Yesterday my sister picked them up for me. They are beautiful to say the least. It turns out we needed them for more than just the kids. We're placing them on the top of our luggage to discourage theft at the other end of our journey.

How can we say thank you enough for this love gift? This woman didn't know us, but responded to the need. Please, please, if you need t-shirts for any event, contact Nancy Pierce at Here is a photo of mys sis, Soni Macy, packing T-shirts on the top of our luggage.

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