Sunday, February 18, 2007

Arrival of the DVDs

Finally the magic little devices, DVD players, the new evangelistic tools for laypeople in Africa have arrived. They've been prayed over for many weeks. Prayers for wisdom in locating just the right unit, taking things into consideration such as a different power source, different signal (NTSC vs PAL whatever that means).

After all those prayers it didn't seem to nevermind that it was snowing in the bitterly cold, frigid Midwest. Now to pack them for their journey to Africa. More prayers are needed -- we need to get them through two country borders, customs and all . . . and secure them until training sessions begin. Oh what fun!

Special thanks to my sis, Soni Macy; Duane Rollins, treasurer; and Kyoshin Ahn, executive secretary, Illinois Conference. I smiled and gave encouragement to all as the 75 boxes were unloaded. Yeah, yeah, someone has to do it!

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