Thursday, February 22, 2007

Excess Bag Update

The VERY NICE ticket agent took Viorel's money for the bag, $220! She was so very nice to us, what happened, Viorel?

Meanwhile, we spent a few hours in the airport updating this blog. Viorel is as wicked with the camera as I am with the words on this blog.

After a very long night, we are here in London. Carol paged me to let me know she and Curt are on the other side of security. They are stuck there for another couple of hours until they will let them check their bags. Carol and Curt came to London from Dallas, Texas, to Gatwick Airport. There they got ground transportation to Heathrow, and will continue on with us to Nairobi. Our cell phone doesn't work here, so she paged us with the update. It'll be another long night and we'll be in Tanzania.

In London we met a very nice chap, Tap Dong, an Adventist, on his way to the Sudan to work with one of the pastors to open schools and churches. Tap has done quite a bit of work in the United States, as well as some education. We discussed many people that we all knew, that he knew. Small world, isn't it. He was wondering why we were not on our way to the Sudan as the work is opening up there.

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