Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Sabbath . . .

How can anyone survive without the Sabbath? I, for one, am so happy for this day! One whole day to relax before the final push in getting all the last minute details accomplished. And, we have one day to seek the Lord in prayer to seek His blessings in our work.

All our cares have been placed on Him. Those cares include concern for good weather after the frigid temperatures and the relentless snow this past week; concerns over getting 20 excess bags of 70 lbs each to the airport and checked on their way (weight-size limitations, etc.); our concerns over potential health issues while on our trip; making our connections on time; meeting those we are scheduled to meet along the way and at our destination; presenting materials we've never presented before; conversing with people of a different language; and the list goes on.

Yes, we're thankful for this awesome journey . . . while we rest on the Sabbath, here are a few photos of some of the blessings we expect to receive in Tanzania.

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