Thursday, February 22, 2007

Team Gathers In London

"Rachel Terwillegar please see British Airways in the middle of the hall" the BA representative barked out in a British accent. So I made my way to the magic spot expecting to find Curt and Carol Frembling putting their shoes back on at security screening. Instead I received a message that they could not check in until 6 hours later.

No worries for us, we just had breakfast and surfed the Internet. Meanwhile Carol and Curt were cooling their jets in a mini restaurant. Imagine occupying a booth for six hours. They finally arrived . . . one more team member to locate -- Tammy in Nairobi. She gets in 4 hours before we do, so she will be the anxious one looking for us.

As we made our way down the hall to the departing gate a young lady tried her best to get us to purchase tickets to win a Ferrari.

While we put up this new stuff on the blog, our team leader, Viorel, spends his quality wait time in siesta. They say a short power nap is good for a person. So good on you, Viorel!

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