Thursday, March 8, 2007

I've Been Everywhere . . .

All along our journey Tammy would break into song at various points or experiences. One of them was, "I’ve been Everywhere." Here is a summary of where in Africa we’ve been.

  • Arrival in Nairobi, Kenya (2 days by air)

  • Travel to Arusha, Tanzania (5 hours)

  • Back to Border between Tanzania & Kenya to retrieve our stuff(3 hours)

  • Return to Arusha with our stuff (3 hours)

  • Arusha to Morogoro (7 or 8 hours, including three traffic stops and final ticket received by the van driver)

  • Morogoro to Dar Es Salaam (3 hours)

  • Dar Es Salaam to Arusha (8 plus hours)

  • Arusha to Kasula and Twing Memorial School at Heri Mission Hospital (two days)

  • Return to Arusha (two days)

  • National Park to photograph animals (three hours)

  • Return to Nairobi to catch plane to London (5 hours)

"I’ve been Everywhere" has new meaning when you consider the type of roads we’ve traveled . . . newly paved, paved and acceptable, wholly paved, half paved, newly constructed wider road, heavily traveled rut filled wider road, road with ruts a car could disappear in, slippery red roads with deep ruts, sand-filled roads, rain soaked sand-filled roads, cow trails, roads less traveled through the woods, and roads defying the definition of what a road should be.

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